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If you already hold a working holiday visa 417 you will be able to lodge a tourist visa to extend your stay in Australia. However what most people don’t realise is that there is a consecutive 12 month rule of your stay in Australia which means that if during your working holiday visa you stayed in Australia during all 12 months, your tourist visa application may be refused. This rule only applies to those visas listed above and not to the majority of other temporary visas such as 482, 485, 500 etc.

For that reason, if you are already in Australia for several months and want to apply for a tourism visa to remain longer, if the request means that you are staying for more than 12 months in a row in Australia, you will may have your visa refused unless exceptional circumstances apply.

For example;

John has been in Australia on a working holiday visa 417 for 11 months but he wants to stay longer to see more of Australia. He applies for a visitor visa for this purpose for another 3 months. His application may be refused since the grant of a 3 months visa would have resulted in him staying in Australia for more than a consecutive 12 month period.

An exemption may be when the holder of a visa:

Had his visa approved in Australia but left the country and now is requesting for a tourist visa – for example, a working holiday visa holder was in Australia for 6 months of their 12-month working holiday visa, but left the country before the visa end. An unused visa claim may help him extend his stay and remain temporarily.

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