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ACN 635 013 982

ABN 28 635 013 982

What is Open Borders?

Open Borders was born with the goal of creating a space that will help students make informed choices, enroll, and apply for their visa online. The platform aims to simplify the student visa process and integrate the services they need to come to Australia. 


Open Borders is an online education agency that provides 3 main services to international students: school enrollment, visa assistance, and post-arrival services. Revenue is generated through the commissions from registered providers and other partners. Providers can display their courses for free in the platform for students to choose from.

How it Works


  • Upon entering the platform, students can easily search and filter courses, colleges and find all the relevant information they need. 
  • Once they decide on their course, they can either request more information or apply online.


  • Providers can choose the information to be displayed about their courses and institution, ensuring quality and timely information. 
  • Our online enrollment forms will assure accuracy and completeness of student’s profile.

We work for you

All that we need from you is your permission to include your services on our platform. If you are a course provider, we will populate our database with the latest course prices and information. Once we have added your information, it can be instantly accessed by students all over the world!

Why us?

With your values and excellence in providing quality education to international students, and our expertise in the online space, we believe that we can work together to find solutions for the good of both of us, and more importantly our students.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, now is also the best for recruitment strategies to be online due to recent health regulations. Through our website, students can be safely guided throughout their journey.

Meet the Team


Co-Founder, CEO

Ruggero is a PIER-registered agent with over two years of experience in the industry. 


Co-Founder, CFO

Joselle has worked as an accountant in an education and migration agency for three years.

Meet the Team


Co-Founder, CEO

PIER Agent: QEAC No Q282


Co-Founder, CFO


Ruggero is a PIER-registered agent with over two years of experience in the industry. 

Joselle has worked as an accountant in an education and migration agency for three years.

We’ve decided to help international students gain control over their journey. We both know how overwhelming and stressful it can be as we’ve been through it ourselves

Advisor and Mentor

With Scott  Crowe’s extensive experience in Australia’s unicorn companies – Canva and Atlassian – he brings the startup experience into the team.

An expert recruiter and well-versed in UX design, Psychology, and Emotional Intelligence, he definitely brings a fresh perspective to the table.

A Founder Institute graduate company

The Founder Institute is an American business incubator, entrepreneur training and startup launch program that was founded in Palo Alto, California in 2009. Although based in Silicon Valley, The Founder Institute maintains chapters in over 180 cities and more than 65 different nations across the globe.
Open Borders graduated from the Sydney cohort in November 2019. The connection to the accelerator program extends the company’s network to the entrepreneurial world.

Our Partners

Legal Partners & Support

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Our Community


We have seen our combined social media following grow 2.5x in the past three months

The Platform

Students and schools will be able to interact with each other. Students can leave reviews, while schools can personalise the way their information is presented to the students.

Our Network

We have an extensive network in the migration, education, and tech industry as a result of our experience in this sector.

Our Strategy

The pandemic has definitely changed the way that the international education sector works, and everyone is transitioning online. We believe that we have a strong competitive advantage in this aspect as we have already established our services online by making the course information and services accessible, while we are constantly updating our database as we go along.

We are only in the first phase of our product and we aim to take it further with a more personalized approach with the use of data analytics and management.

Our marketing efforts will be focused on Social Media, SEO optimization and Data Analysis to improve our website’s searchability and use our students’ network to expand our reach.

Have any questions or need help?

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