5 Reasons to Study in Australia

Aside from being ranked as one of the top destinations to study internationally, Australia has a lot more to offer to international students. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding where to study. Here are our top five reasons to study in Australia!

1. Top quality education system

Australia is among the countries having the best education systems internationally, with five Australian universities included in the 50 best universities in the world. This is reflected by a survey conducted by the Australian Department of Education and Training which shows that international students experienced an 89% overall satisfaction in their student experience in Australia. Compared to other countries, Australia scored higher satisfaction ratings in the quality of both learning and living.

2. Wide range of schools and courses

One of the many reasons to study in Australia is the diversity of schools and courses it has to offer. With more than 22,000 courses and 1,100 schools to choose from, Australia offers a multitude of study options and combinations to international students. Students can choose courses in higher education, vocational training, or English language training and if needed, students can even transfer from one qualification or institution to another.

3. Rich culture

Different cultures, beliefs, traditions, and experiences have been united in Australia, making it the most successful multicultural society in the world today. The vast and rich culture in Australia will let you meet people from different backgrounds, experience something out of your usual comfort zone, and feel a sense of belonging in a culturally diverse setting. You will get to taste unique culinary offerings, join in public international celebrations, and have an opportunity to learn a different language.

4. Vibrant cities

Six of Australia’s cities are ranked in the world’s 30 highest-performing cities. Whether you choose to study in a rural or urban area, you will be able to visit neighbouring cities easily. Each one has a unique experience to offer, from Sydney’s breathtaking views to Melbourne’s hidden gems.

5. Great outdoors

Of course, you cannot miss Australia’s beautiful landscapes. There are more than five different climate zones in this continent. You can go skiing in the south-east mountains, snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, surfing on pristine coasts, bushwalking in the mountains, or exploring the jungle. 


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